• Industrial craftsmanship

    For DALE ITALIA, wood is passion, research, tradition, customisation, because underlying all our collections is the quality of the raw material. What makes us stand out from the crowd is our ability to work and design with wood across the spectrum, from walnut and oak to alder, presenting it with oil and natural finishes. At DALE, the wood-crafting process means knowing which steps to automate in order to improve the quality of the finished product. This skill makes it easier to fulfil custom design and contract supplies.

  • ‘‘Material-driven design’’

    Logic and emotion mix in DALE interiors. Starting with expertly-crafted woods, we use our expertise in designing contemporary furniture collections to revisit and reinterpret vintage styles and create a brand-new home concept in which design and material are intertwined.

  • ‘‘Excellence in every detail’’

    Each individual detail emerges from a process of research and experimentation that stretches from design through material choices. In our contemporary style, wood is flanked by steel, glass, marble, leather and other textiles.

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